Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Guilty Pleasure

Yeah, it's pleasurable but it brings us guilt. I dare to say we all indulge in one or more of such. I'll share a list of mine:

Shoes & even more shoes
 Yeah, my number one guilt. I buy shoes not because I need them but because I want them ( I guess it's a genetic issue for women, so let me be justified...lol). Seriously though, I'm a sucker for good shoes & bags. Just can't take my eyes off them even when I know I can't afford it, I squeeze myself out to get it, and the annoying bit is that I might not even wear it (or long enough) till it goes obsolete or I get tired of seeing it around me.

Junk food
I often snack on junk food even when I'm aware of all the health implications. See, I'm a size UK10, so I've got 'nofing' to worry about (let me fool myself & enjoy the ride....)

Junk TV
I'm an adept fan of junk TV programmes; vain programmes that will add no value to my being. I watch Fahion police, Keeping up with the Kardashians, African Magic (Yoruba), Kimora et al, all which by my reckoning, have added nothing to my knowledge base, but I keep watching anyways.

Doing nothing
Yup! I love to lie alone on the bed and do absolutely nothing! I lock the doors (no disturbance from kids & hubby), draw the curtains ( to give a cosy ambience), lie down and just daydream (even when I know the kitchen needs tidying up, there's laundry to do & the kids need my attention).

Yes, I like to 'do my own back'...lol. I know I'm a xtian & this is not Christ-like at all (maybe I need your prayers), but can't help it atimes to be revengeful.

Fashion blunders
I always have a good laugh when I see people commit fashion blunders (not that I'm an Icon, but I dey try sha). Stripped shirt on stripped skirt/trousers, mini skirts on thick short legs...and the list goes on. When I see them I just laugh...hehehehehe (mean me).

The only reason I visit Linda Ikeji's blog is...gossip, and of course to 'see' the cat fights...lol!

Yeah, the last but by no means the least....I love to shut the kids out (during the day) while hubby & I indulge in some hot bouts of bumping & grinding (if you're below 18, delete the last 2 words & insert reading & eating). I shouldn't feel guilty about this though, it's between husband & I...*wink*

What is your guity pleasure?



LadyNgo said...

lol @ your list. Most of these would be on my list too except i don't feel the least bit of guilt about them lol.

I do feel bad sometimes when i'm just snacking when i don't need to or laying around when i know there are things I need to get done.

Anonymous said...

Its a blessing that you and your Husband still read and eat at random times of the day. I pray this aspect of your marriage (and others of course) will never run dry (pun intended). I look forward to that becoming an extra curric activity for me and the future hubby.

kitkat said...

Hahaha i can relate to all your guilty pleasures except the last one :P

therealworld said...

@LadyNgo, yeah, we owe it to no one (except our expanding waist line)to snack on anything we feel like & it does us some good to lazy around every once in a little while, lol.... Thanks for stopping by.

@anonymous, amen to ur prayers & I wish U the same...lol! Don't come knocking on my door when the results of your reading & eating with hubby start manifesting though. Thanks for stopping by.

@Kitkat, why not the last? It's by far the most pleasurable U know...*wink*. Thanks for stopping by, I'm off to urs.

Anonymous said...

* a wide grin* becox I AM GUILTY! GUILTY G-U-I-L-T-Y of all these pleasures...*sigh with pleasure*... hahahahhaa.

Dayor said...

Lol..you've got nice guilty pleasures.the one that is so me is the "doing nothing" ... lol but I love to lie alone on the bed and do absolutely nothing! I lie down and just daydream (even when I know some stuffs need my attention) but I guess we all need our me-time.

therealworld said...

@Ibhade, good to know u're with me jare...lol.

@Dayor, yeah right! There's nothing like doing absolutely nothing.

Thanks 4 stopping by sistas.

Amazing Thots! said...

Hahahahaha, for all on your list I plead GUILTY and indeed they are all pleasurable. For the last one i still kinda have a little part of my mind on my princess atimes, may be 'cos she still the only one for now.

Thanks for stopping by the other day to ask after me. Grateful sis, being kinda very busy these days. Hope i would be back soon though. (sighs)

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