Thursday, June 23, 2011

My Life Right Now II

Thanks for dropping by. Let's continue from where we stopped.

I had them and my life changed forever! When I think of them, there's this joy that lights up my face, at other times though, motherhood can be so demanding, it gets me thinking, aaargh...who sent me message o!
I've got 3 adorable daughters.
My 1st is this inquisitive, intelligent, stingy, friendly & extremely fun to be with girl. She says the most amazing things & asks the most ridiculous questions. The other day, she asks "Mummy,what is this thing here (touches her groin area) that my friend in school (mentions a boy's name) has, he uses it to wee-wee, my daddy too has it? (these kids eh?)
The other day, my 3rd baby broke something around the house and she goes "Mummy, this baby is too dangerous, take her back to her house". I ask where is her house and she goes "the hospital"...where I had her & brought her home from!
She will be six in August.

My 2nd is this quiet, bright, generous, content, sweet & peace loving girl. She's very courteous & lady like. Loves dresses & skirts, no trousers. Acts posh & speaks english like the Queen, lol. She never forgets her magic phrases 'please may I', 'please excuse me', 'pardon me', 'thank you'. She is 4yrs old.

My 3rd and last (obviously) is this 20mth old handful. She is cuddly, pleasant, playful, cheeky and oh, she's so beautiful, it sometimes gets me wondering if I actually birthed
Watching them alone gets me knackered, let alone tending to their endless demands. I'm not complaining,....I'm grateful to God.

Family & Friends
FIL & I are He's a tough cookie, and me sef get skonskon. MIL is no more, she passed away when hubby was a toddler (sad).
My mum is simply the best. After her labour of love raising her 4 children (I'm the 1st with 3 younger brothers), she is yet to retire. She visits from Ibadan every now & again to see her grand kids and anytime she's around, I simply go on 'sabbatical'...she cheerfully does the cooking, housekeeping & child caring.
Father is in his late 60's, but you can't tell...guess I inherited this good genes from him. *wink*. He's a charismatic (attracts people to himself like magnet), down to earth & very simple man enjoying his simple life.
For friends, the few I had from way back kinda betrayed my trust, so I'm better off without them. I'm more into casual friendships with neighbours, colleagues & church members.
Of course, I've been recently blessed with these beautiful group of friends from blogs ville (in no particular order): Ibhade, Amazing Thots, Vyvyka, Sisi Yemmie, LadyNgo, Mena, Surprise, Myne, 9jafoodie, Dayor, omoba-adeteju, ayabaodusote, kitkat, Ginger, Lani, Wise Sage.... you guys rock & I love u. *Bear hugs*

Things are a bit twisted around here. I started work with a financial institution in 2001, about a year after my NYSC. I worked for 2yrs+, before jetting off to join hubby in England, and before you could say N-A-I-J-A, I started baby making! (and so could not do much work or further my studies). Came back about 3yrs ago & started building career from the scratch again. My colleagues from way back then are now 10yrs in banking experience....thinking about this gets me all depressed. In hindsight, I felt I should have stayed back & built on my career, no? Well, God had it all mapped out and I believe things turned out the way they did for a beautiful reason. God will make my crooked path straight again...Amen.

My swagger is about to give way o......God forbids!
No worries, I'll soon get my groove back, before some smelly tramp on stiletto heels & Brazilian head (hair) seduces hubby's 'kini'....tufiakwa!!! (luckily, I've got nothing to worry about, hubby is not that kind of man *wink*)
What I need is a trip to the spa, first for waxing...errr.. I'll go for laser hair removal (the hair on my legs is competing with a gorilla's), pedicure, manicure & some general body overhauling. I need to ditch this dreadlocks & visit the salon for a more sexy look. What else? Yeah, shopping.... a trip to Newyork, London & Paris (fashion capitals of the world) will take care of my wardrobe & make-up/skincare.
Hmmm.....I wish. If wishes were horses, me sef go ride. Abeg, leave me alone with my dreads o...Brazilian hair ko, Togolese head ni. Seriously though, I need some 'me' time and wished it were someting I could shop for somewhere. Like I said earlier, I had kids and my life changed forever...not complaining

That's it life rigt now. In my journey so far, I've learnt some valuable lessons. I've learnt to put my trust in God alone. I've learnt to always believe in myself. I've learnt not to put total reliance on will change, human love may fizzle out, only God remains constant. He is unchangeable in the face of any given circumstance.
If you haven't yet, why not give your life to Jesus? Give it a shot, it sure is worth it & you'll never remain same. Thanks for taking out time to read.


LadyNgo said...

aaawww, your kids sound like such an adorable handful :)

*Big Bear Hug* back at ya!

9jaFOODie said...

Interesting read :)
..... your kids sound so adorable!! I am team #2... too cute :)

and please get your grove back oooo.. it is very important.@ the career thingy, please don't stress about it, God has His reasons for every happening in life, so don't compare yourself to anyone else, just do you!

Myne Whitman said...

This is just the beginning, you'll always have reason to be thankful. All the best in your career.

Amazing Thots! said...

ohhhhh sis, it's so interesting to read about you and this gives me the chance to know you more. i'm so loving your kids even without meeting them. Kids are so adorable... There's one thing about motherhood, whether you're prepared for it or you got into it by chance (u get my yearn you're in it,your life cannot remain the same. I have one though and i know how much my life has changed but i can't imagine life without her.(sure u know better).

Getting your groove back after 3, sis i bet it takes hard work, but you got to keep working at it. The path of the rigtheous shines brighter ni ke.

On your Career like you said its all for a good reason, and who says you can't attain your dreams. You can do all things through Christ that strenghtens U.
Love you too sis.

therealworld said...

@LadyNgo, thanks for your kind words sweets.

@9jaFoodie, I am so #2 too, she's got the sweetest personality(don't tell o). Thanks for the advice...I think that's what I've been doing all this while without even realising it...comparing, forgetting we're called differently to run different races. I'm stopping that right now & I'll focus on loving my life & myself while God works at it. Thanks a bunch Sis.

@Myne, I say Amen to that prayer & I extend same back to you. Thanks a bunch Sis.

@Amazing Thots, thanks Sis, & I'm so loving you too, even without meeting U. Yeah, motherhood transforms you overnight into this tireless & selfless individual and U can never be prepared enough. It's a blessing though. As per my career, I'm with U babes....WE can do all things through Christ that strengthens US.

Anonymous said...

Thank YOU so much sister.. am humbled...pls a thousand apologizes for coming late.. i had been epileptic like PHCN in my blogging.. so tired nowadays..,,na-a-y! am not pregnant o!>.hahahaha [i took lappy to the shop today}...your kids are really adorable...& thanks so much for sharing with us.. learnt some things ..xoxo.

oyinmama said...

Hi, this article strikes so many chords in me, especially regarding friends & career. I've got two little ladies aged 8 and 6,and I also have the occasional bout of wondering where I would have reached in my career as a public health physician, but then that little voice whispers to me...."give thanks at all is well....& all things are possible!" This keeps me on, and I do believe that I can get there....! Take care of u!

therealworld said...

@Oyinmama, sorry babes, been so busy I've not had time for blogging. Yeah, I've learnt to do less worrying & be more grateful, worrying does no good anyways. Thanks for dropping by.

dayor said...

hello sistah, its been what? years. I just thought of you today and decided to check u. How are u and how is the family?

Come say hi to us here na...smiles. Hope you are good?
Take good care

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